The Peace City Alliance (PCA) was founded as an Open Source Alliance  of industry professionals in 1995 for the purpose of developing cutting edge synergies between content production and technology. Since then, PCA has successfully expanded in several other areas of operations as an open economic alliance assembling top industry experts for a variety of projects. In order to do business with an increasing number of Fortune 500 companies the Peace City ALLIANCE has formed Peace City International Inc (PCI).  Today PCI Holding consists of 3 main business alliance groups:

Peace City Television Group (Peace City Television Corporation) providing concept development and production for new era television shows combining traditional TV with interactive elements, unique advertisement and branding integration as well as PCTV's pioneering integration of virtual reality and TV programming.

PCI 3D Internet Group (Peace City Virtual Real Estate Group) is promoting the entire 3D internet industry as a emerging category providing integration of traditional websites and 3D websites (virtual real estate). PCI has also invented the algorithms to create 3D website value clusters and 3D landscapes for brands (Brandscapes). PCI is working with most 3D industry leaders. PCI maintains virtual real estate using many leading software platforms and promotes an open 3D Internet Standard.

PCI Music Group providing music production with international top producers.

In order to support the main business alliance PCI has also established the following groups: PC Music Publishing, PC Agency, PC Live Shows, PC Choreography, PC Distribution


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