The Peace City Virtual Real Estate Group at PCI produces the Next Generation 3D Internet Websites:

PCRE works with a majority of leading 3D Internet providers including software developers and 3D design firms to produce the next generation internet, not a collection of web pages but a real place where visitors can walk around.

PCRE has developed specialized solutions for the following industries:

Fortune 500 companies (Business & Product Showcases, Virtual Offices) 

Real Estate Industry (Commercial, Residential and Retail packages)

Entertainment Industry (T.E.L.E.Z.O.N.E. : 3D enabled production and distribution) 

Consumers, business associates, team members, sales executives and clients can meet in virtual offices, theaters, galleries, libraries, public plaza’s, where they can see other visitors in the city (see their digital representation called avatars) talk to them, go shopping TOGETHER, make virtual money, do their job from anywhere in the world and engage in social activities. These activities are the revolutionary difference to the old internet. Click here to see our brandscapes3D service.


You are cordially invited to visit our brands:


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