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PCTV Production is responsible for concept development and production for television and first run syndication TV shows. Our new era television shows combine traditional TV with interactive elements, unique advertisement and branding integration as well as our pioneering integration of virtual reality in TV programming. Our productions are made for the future of Television in which internet and cable merge to one pipeline and the main entertainment device TV merges with the PC. Our productions can also be packaged as  Network , Cable, and First Run shows. 

PCTV marketing gathers, analyzes, summarizes and disseminates production content information to aid in management decision making and target marketing for the Company. The department oversees microslicing of marketing campaigns for the studio and works with various studio production departments and production marketing directors on optimizing marketing impact. This department tracks and forecasts marketing campaign needs for feature production, and analyzes all per capita revenues related to production, projects in development and producer term deals. PCTV also administers a full range of analytical services for several joint venture companies owned together by PCTV and various outside partners. They communicate on marketing issues with partners, assist the joint venture companies with budgets and forecasts, analyze production and marketing overhead costs, and produce quarterly full-disclosure statements for the ventures.
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