PC Distribution and the PCI-ALL-MEDIA Algorithm

PCD distributes many of the entertainment assets it produces directly or via the world of multiple digital channels. Devices are pervasive. People are defining their own unique uses for professional and lifestyle services. PCD clients understand their audiences like never before and commit to interactive relationships that are coherent both online and offline.

The future of entertainment distribution channels is not only the TV-set, the movie screen or the DVD, the music CD, the music download or the podcast. It will also be the mobile phone, PDA and kiosk environments. 

Simply repurposing or resizing Web content for different devices and screen types will not achieve the goal of a consistent message. The brand must be communicated clearly in the format that is most appropriate to various vehicles. 

Consumers want entertainment and information when, where and how it's convenient for them, regardless of which device they use to access it. Quality of service becomes the differentiating factor and a great leveler for complacent brands. PCD is working with cutting edge partners to develop content and distribute it using next generation distribution.


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