PC Music Publishing Group

In support of our television operations we have developed a catalog containing songs of top producers worldwide. 

PC Music Publishing Group (PCMPG) is part of the PC Music Group and one of the industry's cutting edge music publishing operations developing unique PCM spacial sound designs for PCI 3D Internet productions. PC owns and administers international copyrights in North America, Europe and Asia.

Recording Facility: PC Music publishing is using new state-of-the-art recording facilities in the U.S. PCI recommends facilities where the sound is a perfectly flat response, i.e., no standing sound waves. One can hear all of the dynamics of an instruments with amazing clarity and accuracy. PCM producers work in facilities where the design is not only superior regarding the technical aspects, but also where the aesthetics and "feel" of the room count as well. This enables writers to have the fullest creative experience possible.

Submission Policy
It is the policy of PCMPG not to accept unsolicited manuscripts, sound recordings or other materials. You may establish a relationship with an attorney, manager or record company or contact the National Academy of Songwriters (NAS), ASCAP or BMI for further information.


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